'True Blood' Casting: 'Big Love' Actress Joins the Vampire Authority

'True Blood' Casting: 'Big Love' Actress Joins the Vampire Authority Even with the premiere just a couple of weeks away, the cast for "True Blood" season five continues to grow. And with it, the ranks of the Vampire Authority grow as well (which might not be the best news for Bill and Eric).

So, who is this mystery actress, and what is the mystery role? The actress is Tina Majorino, whose name might not immediately ring a bell, but her face probably will. Majorino had recurring roles on "Big Love" and "Veronica Mars" to name a couple, and recently appeared in episodes of "Bones" and "Castle."

If those references aren't helping you, then you might know Majorino as Deb from "Napoleon Dynamite." She starred as the side-ponytailed friend of Napoleon/recipient of delicious bass in the movie and voiced the character in the animated series as well.

As for the role, we don't know much other than what THR is reporting, which is that Majorino's role is of a "pivotal member" of the Vampire Authority's "support staff." That could mean that she's a vampire, but since she's just support staff and not an actual member, she might just be an Authority-friendly human as well.

Word is that Majorino's character will appear in episode three of this season, and will appear in a recurring capacity as the season continues.