'True Blood' Episode 11 Preview Clips: Will Jessica Turn Jason?

'True Blood' Episode 11 Preview Clips: Will Jessica Turn Jason? We're just a couple of episodes away from the end of "True Blood" season five, which means that things are starting to get dangerous. The Tru Blood factories are gone, meaning that vampires are feeding on humans in force... and that includes Russell and Newlin, who are out on a bit of a bender.

That's bad news for Jason, whom Newlin has a bit of a thing for. Lucky for Jason, Jessica broke that up earlier on in the season, but now that Jessica is more or less being held captive at the Authority, she can't protect Jason anymore. In the first clip from Sunday's episode, Jessica attempts to use Bill's phone to at least warn Jason, but Bill won't have it: he keeps spouting off about Lilith, saying that Jason (and yes, Sookie too) are "just food, nothing more."

So, Jessica comes up with a bargain: "what if I made him a vampire?" she asks. Jason Stackhouse, as a vampire? There's a scary thought.

In the second clip, a military general more or less lectures the Authority on lying about Russell Edgington, especially in the face of the Tru Blood crisis. He relays the news of Russell and Newlin's feeding frenzy at the sorority house, revealing that they have incriminating video that, if released, would cause the human population to rise up against vampires. Considering that they're pretty vulnerable for about 12 hours out of the day, that could be bad.

Check out the preview clips from "True Blood" season 5, episode 11 "Sunset" below: