'True Blood' Episode 4 Preview: Ruthless Bill and Shirtless Alcide

'True Blood' Episode 4 Preview: Ruthless Bill and Shirtless Alcide "True Blood" rebounded in a big way in the ratings last week, and the drama continues to unfold after the events of "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?" Three new preview clips are out for episode four, so get a sneak peek at the upcoming events!

Eric's mind wipe has everyone in Bon Temps all in a tizzy. There's Sookie, who is charmed in spite of herself at the new, not-so-threatening Eric. She enlists the help of Alcide to go hunt him down, as we see in the first of the three clips, so that can mean only one thing: Alcide's getting shirtless again. Notice how much they draw out the undressing? That's not an accident, folks.

The second clip takes us back to the coven, where Marnie is still at a loss as to what exactly she did. Lafayette and Tara would really love it if she would reverse her spell so Eric doesn't make "witch-kabobs" out of all of them, but she explains that it's not that easy.

In the third clip, we see even more of Bill's new ruthless side as he rules with an iron fist as vampire king. Pam, it seems, isn't much of a fan of the new Bill. But then again, who is? He's kind of being a jerk.

Check out the clips below:

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