'True Blood' Finale: Watch the Online Bonus Clip

'True Blood' Finale: Watch the Online Bonus Clip Season five of "True Blood" is over, and you might be sitting there thinking, "If only I had some more 'True Blood' to watch!" Well guess what: you do.

If you watched the season finale last night on TV instead of on HBO Go, then you missed an exclusive online clip that followed the ending of the finale. That clip is now on YouTube, and you can watch it right here!

In the clip, we follow up with the rest of the escaping group, which includes Pam, Tara, Jason, Jessica and Nora. We get a bit of preparation on the elevator as the gang prepares for more resistance, plus there's a bit of cute Pam/Tara banter, if you're into that.

The interactive features take us inside Jason's head, as he still hears his anti-vampire parents egging him on to keep slaying... they even suggest that he take out his friends in the elevator.

Thankfully Jason passes that up, but when the elevator opens, Jason mumbles "I'm coming for you, Warlow." Nora overhears him and asks, "What do you know about Warlow?"

Nora knows Warlow? The plot thickens!

Check out the bonus clip below:

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