'True Blood' Renewed for Season 6, Possible Changes in Store

'True Blood' Renewed for Season 6, Possible Changes in Store Good news, fangbangers: "True Blood" will definitely be back for season 6, as the ratings are once again healthy this season, despite the show taking a bit of a detour through crazytown.

The vampire soap opera has HBO's support for a sixth season, and the network doubled up on the renewals as it gave "The Newsroom" a second season. Neither of those renewals are much of a surprise: "True Blood" remains one of HBO's most successful programs to date, and while "The Newsroom" is still young, the ratings are good and HBO rarely cuts a show after just one season.

However, there might be some changes to "True Blood" going forward into next season, as showrunner Alan Ball will almost certainly be stepping down. However, Ball will remain an executive producer on the show, and his co-EP Mark Hudis will fill in as showrunner for him.

Ultimately, we probably won't see a huge difference in tone on the show as a result of the change. Maybe we can hope for a little less wildness in terms of storylines going forward, but at this point it's probably best to just accept that things are going to be a little nuts from here on in. Lafayette might occasionally show off some face paint and a forked tongue. Just roll with it.

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