'True Blood' Reveals Some Finale Secrets!

'True Blood' Reveals Some Finale Secrets! Deborah Ann Woll, the smoking hot redhead who plays vampire Jessica on “True Blood,” has let slip a few teasing tidbits to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming season finale!

Regarding the confusion between Jessica, Hoyt, and Jason, Woll hinted, “I think we’ll finally see them sit down and hash it out a bit. She deeply cares about Hoyt. But with Jason, there’s such a strong chemistry there, and they understand each other, each other’s darkness.”

If by chemistry, she means raw sexual appeal, we’re on board. Darkness? Maybe. Hidden way, way down deep. But with hearts on Team Hoyt this is an exciting piece of information. Will Hoyt get the love of his life back?

Woll also addressed Bill’s weird new love affair with Lilith and The Authority.

“Jessica already had an experience with extreme religion and it did not go well for her. She has her own opinion of how vampires and humans should interact. I’m not sure she and Bill will agree.”

For those who don't remember, Jessica came from an extremely strict religious household, and was made into a vampire against her will and beliefs when a tribunal forced Bill’s hand, er, teeth.

On the show hinting that Jason might become a vampire?

“I can’t believe they let that image out [regarding the image of Jason appearing to be in the beginning stage of vampirism]! Well, Jason is very pale and Jessica is lying beside him, so…”

Jason a vampire? It’s hard to believe the sexy goofball could screw women any faster, but the idea is intriguing…

And finally, on the much-anticipated finale episode, what can we expect?

Woll teases, “There’s going to be more questions than answers. It’s definitely the bloodiest one yet. And I think it’s the best cliffhanger we’ve ever done.”

Since this season has given us even more weirdness than we’re used to from “True Blood,” it’s not surprising that there will be more questions than answers. It would be hard to wrap all the dramatics up in one night, and, a little disappointing, perhaps.

All we can hope for is that perfect mix of oddity, blood, and naked skin that makes the show just so sinfully delicious and keeps us coming back for more.

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