'True Blood' Season 4, Episode 6 Recap - 'I Wish I Was the Moon'

'True Blood' Season 4, Episode 6 Recap - 'I Wish I Was the Moon' Eric and Sookie are making out all over the living room. Finally!! Clothes are flying off, amnesiac love declarations are being made, and just when they’re really getting into it Bill shows up and ruins everything. Per usual.

Although he is obviously taken aback when he realizes Eric truly has no idea who he is, Bill slaps the silver on him anyway and throws him in vampire jail against Sookie’s many protests.

Meanwhile, Arlene and Terry’s devil baby domicile is ablaze! They run around screaming and Arlene really freaks out when she doesn’t find baby Mikey in his crib. Everybody (including Terry’s pet armadillo) makes it outside unscathed.

Turns out Mikey was the first one out, sitting on the lawn playing with the obviously evil doll no one can get rid of. Over Arlene’s shoulder we get a glimpse of a lady ghost that only Mikey can see. It seems like she’s the one who got the baby safely out of the house but it’s unclear whether or not she’s attached to the doll or set the fire or what.

Since Sam is Terry and Arlene’s landlord, his plate is full for the day and he asks his homicidal little brother to cover for him at the Merlotte’s.  Tommy takes that favor to the next level and shifts into Sam. Looks like the skinwalker legend is true. Tommy in his Sam suit is pretty hilarious and gets down to fucking shit up immediately. He fires Sookie, sleeps with and then promptly alienates Luna before passing out in a puddle of his own (suspiciously bloody) vomit.

The full moon is finally here and poor Jason Stackhouse has handcuffed himself to the bed in anticipation of his first shift into a werepanther.  Sookie discovers him, uncuffs him and generally keeps him company while he freaks out. Scared that he’ll hurt Sookie he runs off into the woods.  Jessica senses his fear through their blood connection and she calms him down with her common sense and excellent rack. They seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company and clearly a problematic mutual crush is on the horizon.

Sookie is running all through the woods with a shotgun looking for Jason. Instead, she finds Alcide and Debbie Pelt on their way to shift with local wolf pack. They stop long enough school her on the basics of how were-beings are made and it seems that Jason won’t be a werepanther after all. He will still likely be the babydaddy of a whole new generation of Hotshot kids so we have (sadly) not seen the last of crazy Crystal.

Back in vampire jail again we see that Marnie is making another blood sacrifice spell. She asks for and gets a full Inquisition witch possession.  Antonia is officially on the scene, ready to wreak serious havoc.

Tara’s New Orleans girlfriend shows up good and pissed about how Tara has lied to her about pretty much everything.  Tara manages to stay present through the conflict and it looks like these girls are going to work it out. Of course the good feelings don’t last long.  Pam interrupts Tara’s walking tour of Bon Temps, super pissed about her still rotting face and the fact that Eric is no longer Eric and furthermore, doesn’t want to be.  She is ready to place blame on whoever’s closest and things are not looking good for Tara and her lady.

Bill has received the okay to send Eric to the true death. Eric’s last words reveal that he is truly a changed vampire and loves Sookie very much.  He is clearly not a danger to other vampires, just Bill’s pride and to his credit he sets Eric free knowing that he’ll go running right to Sookie.  Which he does and they totally do it in the woods all romantical-like while Bills pines away in the royal mansion.

Next week, necromancy and other trouble!

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