'True Blood' Season 5: Bon Temps Gets Biblical with New Characters

'True Blood' Season 5: Bon Temps Gets Biblical with New Characters If you're dying for a little bit of "True Blood" gossip, here's a nugget of information about the upcoming season of the show, courtesy of a couple of casting notices for new characters on the HBO show.

"True Blood" will be adding at least two new recurring characters for season five, as the team promised new major players in Bon Temps for the upcoming season.

Thanks to the casting call, we have a bit of information on them: one of the new characters is Nora, a beautiful woman in her late 20's who acts as a "double agent within the Vampire Authority," according to EW. Rumor has it that Nora is also a progeny of Godric, which means she'll have some ties to Eric.

The other character has the potential to be our "bad guy" for the season: a casting call has gone out for Salome, a character based on the Salome in the Bible who, in the world of "True Blood," is actually a powerful vampire. She is described as a seductress (makes sense) who is also just a little bit crazy. So, she could end up being someone to stir up a lot of trouble.

Neither of these roles are cast yet, but we should be hearing some names pretty soon. Alan Ball and the "True Blood" team mentioned that there will be a number of new characters, so we could be seeing some new casting calls soon as well!

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