'True Blood' Season 5, Episode 2 Preview Clip: 'True Death for These Fellas'

'True Blood' Season 5, Episode 2 Preview Clip: 'True Death for These Fellas' Last Sunday's season 5 premiere of "True Blood" left us with a lot of questions. What will Tara be like in her new form? What really caused Terry's house to burn down? Will Sam ever get away from the pack? What will happen to Bill and Eric? Is vampire incest really that accepted? Why are we spending so much time on Jason and Andy's love lives? Will this show get back on the rails, or is this the level of crazy we're to expect from now on?

Well, the preview for next week's episode can answer some of that. Bill and Eric look to be in some pretty serious trouble, and it looks like the sentence of True Death for them still stands. We can also see from the clip that we're going to meet Christopher Meloni's character, who heads up the Vampire Authority.

Sam and Luna don't seem to have solved much with the Pack, and now Alcide is on their bad side too. As for Tara... well, it looks like "really mean" is going to be her general disposition as a vampire, at least for the time being.

Along with the episode preview, "True Blood" also released Jessica's "vlog" for the premiere, which highlights her new party-girl persona. Do you like the new Jessica, or want her to go back to the way she was before?

Check out the "True Blood" season 5, episode 2 preview below:

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