'True Blood' Season 5, Episode 4 Clips: Alcide Spills, Pam Mothers Tara, Sookie Confesses

Last week's episode of "True Blood" left us with a cliffhanger concerning Tara's fate. It wasn't much of a cliffhanger, as it's pretty clear what Pam was going to do based on her arc in that episode (namely, recalling what Eric taught her about the responsibilities of being a Maker). The preview clips for Sunday's episode confirm that, and more.

The first clip shows that yes, Pam did indeed rescue Tara from her tanning bed suicide attempt. It also reveals that Bill and Eric are finally back in Bon Temps... which means that Pam has to break the news to Eric that he's a vampire grandfather now. He seems less than thrilled.

The next clip features Alcide, as he breaks some bad news of his own to the Pelts: Debbie's dead. At first Debbie's dad suspects Alcide, but he reveals that he knows who the killer is. Will he give Sookie up?

Speaking of Sookie, the third clip shows that her guilt is starting to get to her. She confesses her crime to a cop... but it's just Jason. Will Jason actually turn his sister in? Or will Sookie have an ally in the sheriff's department in Jason?

Check out the three preview clips from "True Blood" season 5, episode 3 "We'll Meet Again" below:

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