'True Blood' Season 5, Episode 4 Recap - 'We'll Meet Again'

'True Blood' Season 5, Episode 4 Recap - 'We'll Meet Again' Things are starting to take a turn into crazytown on "True Blood," but thankfully we still have a few good scenes each episode with the characters we actually care about to keep things going. Here's a run-down of the events in Bon Temps during "We'll Meet Again."


Sook's having a rough time, even though everybody always covers for her... or perhaps because everybody always covers for her. As Tara puts it, and I'm paraphrasing here, she'll always be safe because somebody will always be there to take a bullet for her. Tara should know.

Lafayette has a different way of putting it: "You the angel of death," he says after she spills the beans to Alcide. At least Sookie is self-aware enough to acknowledge that she is kinda bad news: "I ruin people's lives," she protests. Yeah, hon. You kinda do.

Lafayette is angry enough that his evil spirit side comes out and does some kind of crazy car curse to Sookie's car. Whatever it is, it's much more elaborate than pouring bleach into some soup. Later, it causes Sookie's car to speed up without her doing, which ends with Sookie jumping out of a car traveling at about 80mph. Sookie's bones are made of titanium, apparently. Must be a fairy thing.

She seems fine afterwards, fine enough to raid the liquor cabinet and drink while coming up with lyrics to "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" that incorporate vampires. It is exactly as terrible as it sounds.

Sookie then gets a visit from Alcide, who just told the Pelts about Debbie today, but lied and said that Marcus was the one who killed her. Sookie gives him a thank you and a drink, and that seems to be enough for Alcide, as the two of them make out. "You're in love with me," says Sookie. "Is that what you think?" asks Alcide. Yeah buddy. Y'are.

The Authority:

Roman and Salome are continuing their torture of Nora, who I guess actually is a Sanguinista. As it turns out, there was another traitor in the Authority's midst, and it was that little kid. He gets promptly staked, and we are spared any more child acting for the forseeable future. Sorry, kid. You did your best, but this just isn't a show for child actors. Even the adult actors have trouble delivering this often ridiculous dialogue.


Yes, Pam did save Tara from the tanning bed. Of course Tara wasn't going to go out like that. Pam has "as your maker'd" Tara into not trying any of that crap again, so she's sticking around.

The return of Bill and Eric gives us a momentarily shocked and delighted Pam before she goes right back into sardonic mode. The conversation quickly turns as Eric grills her rather roughly about Russell Edgington and whether Pam let him out or not. She maintains she didn't.

But Eric knows he'll still have to go after Russell, and he'd rather not have Pam getting hurt too. So, in an actually rather touching scene, he releases her and their blood bond is broken. Aww.

Later, we see Pam being a good mom for once, getting Tara to feed on a human. Tara refuses at first, but once she gets going, she seems to actually be enjoying it. C'mon Tara, you're a vampire. Might as well enjoy it.


Our other vampire daddy and progeny seach Bill's place for any surveillance equipment, while Jessica reveals to Bill that Sookie's having a rough time of things. Bill gets to Sookie's house just in time, of course, to see her making out with Alcide. You missed the boat, Bill.


As Terry and Patrick drive to their old war buddy's house, we see Patrick's flashback in clearer detail. It seems that he, Patrick and the rest of the unit decided to drink and take a bunch of drugs while they were in Iraq, and put their buddy Heller on watch duty. That ended with Heller shooting a civilian and plenty more civilians dying in an ensuing shootout.

When they get to Heller's house, they find a very creepy bunker with all kinds of drawings of fires and other stuff... including Heller, who is now holding a gun to their faces. Oops.


This storyline is a short one, but the one we're left off with. Firstly, Jessica saves Sookie's ass by glamouring Andy into giving up on the Pelt case, having overheard Sookie's confession to Jason. She's awful handy, isn't she?

Later, the judge offers to take Andy and Jason for a special night out, which involves some hot women, a limousine, and shrouds over their heads. Turns out it's a fairy party, and while they're there, Jason runs into his cousin Hadley, who says a little too much about Jason and Sookie's parents, and how they died... turns out it was vampires, and Sookie is probably next.

The episode ends with Jason and Andy getting tossed out and two fairy dudes giving them a big golden flash of... what? Memory eraser? Something even more sinister? We'll find out next week.

Notes & Quotes:

- Tara's Fangtasia shirt. Amazing.

- "So, what do you recommend here?" "Honestly, nuthin."

- "Nothing. And Melanie."

- "Three days old and she has an eating disorder."

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