'True Blood' Season 5: Two More Preview Clips from the Premiere!

'True Blood' Season 5: Two More Preview Clips from the Premiere! You thought you were free of the relentless barrage of "True Blood" marketing, didn't you? There's just one more week left until the "True Blood" premiere, so HBO is getting even more aggressive with their campaign than they have been thus far, releasing preview clips seemingly every day.

Just a few days ago, we uncovered a clip released through "Entertainment Tonight" that featured Sookie and Alcide. As it turns out, that was one of a group of three clips that HBO was planning on releasing over the weekend. That means that there are two more clips, which you can see right here!

The first clip has Bill calling Jessica and telling her that he's going to have to skip town for a bit... all while Eric is busy cleaning up the remnants of a corpse in the background in super-speed. Vampires make pretty efficient housekeepers, as it turns out.

The other clip checks in with Terry and Arlene, who have a quick conversation with Terry's old military buddy Patrick. Arlene mentions the fire that wrecked their house, which seems to put Patrick in a bit of a mood. Does he know something that they don't?

I know, I know, there have been a lot of "True Blood" clips lately. With these two clips, and all the rest of them, it's a wonder we haven't seen the entire first episode already. And f this year is anything like last year, HBO may be releasing a big chunk of the beginning of the season premiere, so we might get to see even more in the coming week. But if they keep putting them out and you guys keep watching them, I'll keep posting them. Deal? Deal.

Check out the two newest "True Blood" season 5 preview clips below:

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