'True Blood' Season Finale Preview Clip: Eric Seeks Sookie's Help

'True Blood' Season Finale Preview Clip: Eric Seeks Sookie's Help When we last left our "True Blood" heroes, Eric and Norah had escaped the Authority and were looking for a way to set things right. What we don't know is how exactly they intend to do that, other than flying around.

This extended preview clip from the finale episode reveals a bit about their plan: it involves Sookie. In the clip, Eric and Norah show up at Sookie's house, with Tara in tow. Apparently they ran into her at Fangtasia, which is presumably where Eric went first.

Eric asks Sookie to go with him to the Authority, as he believes she might be the only one who can get through to Bill. Jason protests, which launches a pretty entertaining insult battle.

But more interesting is what we learn from the circumstances of this clip: Sookie is safe at home after facing down Russell with the faeries, so presumably they did something to defeat him, or at least escape. We also see that Jason is having visions of his parents outside of his dreams... could this be a side effect of being zapped by the faerie elder?

Check out the extended preview clip for the "True Blood" season 5 finale below:

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