'True Blood' Stud Joe Manganiello Joins Cast Of 'White Collar'

'True Blood' Stud Joe Manganiello Joins Cast Of 'White Collar' "White Collar" fans, if you want "Blood" -- you've got it.

The set pictures below from JustJared confirm that "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello is coming to the USA original cops-and-heisters-helping-the-cops dramedy just a little later this season.

Reports suggest that the 34-year-old Manganiello will play an ex-con who stirs up trouble with FBI agent Peter Burke and wife Elizabeth (Tim DeKay and Tiffani Thiessen) when he moves in across the street, while apparently also sharing a few moments with art thief-turned-FBI-consultant Neal Caffery (Matthew Bomer).

Since the third season of HBO's "True Blood," M anganiello has played werewolf Alcide Herveaux. His character is hired as a bodyguard by Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) to look after Anna Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse after her vampire companion Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) vanishes. It creates a situation wherein three men have similar, tense feelings for Sookie.

Manganiello has also screen-tested twice to play Superman on the big screen -- once for Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" and also for the upcoming "Superman: The Man Of Steel," but had to bow out both times due to scheduling issues.

So far, this season of "White Collar" has focused on Neal and his partner Mozzie conducting business as usual alongside Peter and Team Fed, but all the while playing a Cat-and-Mouse game to sell a cache of stolen Nazi art and make good their escape New York.

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