True Blood's Season Four Finale is Sunday; Watch a Preview

True Blood's Season Four Finale is Sunday; Watch a Preview Now that Bill and Eric have dealt with that nasty little Marnie/Antonia witch sitch, everything's gonna be just hunky dory in placid little Bon Temps, right? Riiiiiiiiiight.

As we learned at the last moment of the last episode, Marnie has entered Lafayette's body, and as luck would have it, the calendar is just about to fall on "The Witch's New Year," the day where the veil between the living and the dead is apparently the thinnest.

And Lord knows when there's shifters, seers, witches, brujos and vampires to deal with (not to mention a bunch of damn wolves and fairies) that is not a good thing.

The preview for the season four finale starts with a mysterious red hooded figure and the warning that "Your Past Will Haunt You."

We also know that the wolfpack's not going to be happy that Alcide killed Marcus, and that Bill and Eric face the very real possibility of getting in a situation that's way, way too hot to handle.

There's one more spoiler floating around involving a very important development (hint: the finale's title is important), but we're simply not in the mood to spoil anything today, so we'll let you decide if you want to cross that bridge.

This is the last episode of "True Blood" until summer of 2012, so make sure and get your fang-banging in before the grand finale on Sunday.

Watch the True Blood Season Four Finale Preview:

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