Two Darren Criss Albums Rule iTunes List: One 'Glee,' One 'Starkid'

Two Darren Criss Albums Rule iTunes List: One 'Glee,' One 'Starkid' iTunes has a new king for the day, and it's Darren Criss. The "Glee" star had not one, but two albums on the iTunes top five today: one of them is "Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers," featuring Criss as Blaine and the rest of the Warblers performing their music from the show.

The other is the original cast recording of the music from "Starship," the newest production from Starkid, the theater company that Criss started with fellow classmates from the University of Michigan. Starkid became famous for their Harry Potter spoof musicals "A Very Potter Musical" and "A Very Potter Sequel," both of which starred Criss and featured his own original compositions.

Criss did not appear in "Starship," but he still wrote the music for the show while he was busy working on "Glee." That makes two albums on the iTunes top five: this morning, the "Starship" soundtrack debuted at #6, just behind the Warblers, but has since moved up to #5 and could move higher before the end of the day.

Perhaps no one was as surprised as "Starship" writer, producer, and actor Brian Holden, who saw the album's results while in town to promote the premiere of "Starship" in a limited movie theater run. "What the hell? I woke up in Los Angeles this morning! And have an album that's no. 6 on iTunes," Holden tweeted. "I should stop drinking."

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