'Ugly Betty' Creator to Develop 'Texts From Last Night' Sitcom

'Ugly Betty' Creator to Develop 'Texts From Last Night' Sitcom The Internet is a strange place, but network TV can do some strange things, too. Like, for example, continuing to pursue Internet properties for sitcoms even after "$#*! My Dad Says" was cancelled after 18 episodes.

The new project is a half-hour comedy adapted from the blog "Texts From Last Night," which features text messages submitted by those who received them, often from very drunk friends. Examples include, "Nothing will ever prepare you for the moment when you are sitting on your friends bathroom floor with no pants on eating string cheese & pita at 2am," and, "The only thing worse than being arrested is the fact the cop confiscated by green dinosaur costume."

Though "$#*! My Dad Says" (which was based on a Twitter account) was cancelled early, it did enjoy a bit of success, consistently winning its time slot and gaining a People's Choice Award for Best New Comedy. So the future might be a bit brighter for "Texts From Last Night" than one would think.

If anything, it will be interesting to see how the texts are integrated into the sitcom. Will texting really play that big a role in the show? How long will it take before we get bored of people reading texts from their phones every episode? Or, will it instead just be about people doing crazy, drunken things?

In any case, "Ugly Betty" creator Silvio Horta is currently developing the project, and Fox has shown a lot of interest in the idea. We might end up seeing this one next fall.

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