Unretouched Justin Bieber Photos Reveal Calvin Klein Gave Him a Bigger...Everything

If you thought that Justin Bieber was looking extraordinarily buff in his Calvin Klein photos, you were absolutely right.

The unretouched photos from Bieber's underwear-model photo shoot have leaked, and there's a significant difference between the Photoshopped pics and the originals, especially...er, downstairs.

Pretty much all of Bieber's body was enhanced in the retouching process. His biceps, pecs and thigh muscles were all enlarged, as were his hands. If you thought he looked a bit like a hunchback, that's because they enlarged his back muscles, too.

And yes, even his penis was enhanced in the Photoshopped pics.

When you see the photos side by side, it's pretty clear that this is a less than ideal retouching job. Bieber's head wasn't enlarged to match the rest of his body, so it looks oddly small in the finished photo. Meanwhile, his hands look huge, which also make his arms look exceptionally long.

This all gives the impression of a little added age to the pop singer. Instead of looking like the 20-year-old that he is, the retouching done by Calvin Klein gives Bieber a more "manly" look. It's another example of the lies that advertising, particularly when models are involved, tell us.

Check out the side-by-side photos below: