Up in Smoke: Miley Cyrus' Bong Sells for $70k

Pack it up, pack it in, let Miley begin.

On the same day as she was voted the "Worst Celebrity Influence" by AOL users, British pub The Sun is reporting that the bong Miley Cyrus smoked out of on a widely distributed TMZ video has been purchased for a whopping $70,000 smackaroos.

70. Thousand. Dollars. For a bong that Hannah Montana smoked a legal natural herb out of.

The glassware in question was reportedly purchased by college gossip website Room110.com, presumably for the sheer publicity value.

The video in question (which made the bong more valuable than 35 pounds of high-grade marijuana) shows Cyrus smoking herbal hallucinogenic salvia on her 18th birthday with a big group of friends and thoroughly tripping out.

The drug has been banned in many states, but is legal in California, where Cyrus was at the time.

Cyrus earned the distinction as “Worst Celebrity Influence of the Year” for the second year from AOL's Just So You Know website, with over 100,000 teens voting. 58% of fans gave Cyrus the thumbs up for the dubious honor.

Miley’s high-jinks helped her beat out alleged gay fish Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan, who has actually gone to jail several times.

No word yet on if Room110.com will be making any bids on the rolled up Benjamins Charlie Sheen used in his most recent porn-stars-and-blow-bonanza.