Us Weekly Report To Separate Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson Facts & Fiction

One of Hollywood's most infamous story-breaking tabloids purports in its latest issue to set a few things straight concerning the state of the union between coupled "Twilight" co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Since Stewart confirmed last week that she'd made a "momentary indiscretion" with "Snow White and the Huntsman" director (and married father) Rupert Sanders, one rumor has flown past another faster than most of us can blink. It's all fallen together so fast, there's been precious few moments seemingly spent vetting the veracity of every update.

Supposedly, it was Pattinson leaving the pair's shared Los Angeles home - until, of course, it was revealed Stewart had hit the bricks.

Supposedly, Stewart's friends have abandoned her.

Supposedly, a Sanders in-law stooged off Stewart and Sanders to tabloids.

What a mess to sort.

In its most recent issue, Us Weekly has claimed six major elements have been grossly misrepresented.


Admit it, given the nature of the game between mercenary paparazzi and publications, this one was absolutely plausible.

Covering its own ass, the tabloid claims that despite a rumored bidding war over the pictures catching Sanders and Stewart in their canoodling act, the magazine claims that a photographer approached directly with no other publications entering the fray.


So, on with something with less of a hint of Us simply shielding alleged credibility.

The mag scoffs at "Twi-hards" - their words, not mine - circulating an alleged interview transcript on's forums of an Australian radio station's interview with Sanders' wife decrying the rumors. "No, no, no, that is me in the pictures," the supposed transcript alleges Ross to have said during a chat with Brisbane's B105. "It is a sad part of being in this industry. We try to live our lives and the media feeds off our failures."

Well, an embedded tweet from July 25 - a day after the scandal broke out - is worth a thousand words.


Simply put, Us apparently finds it just a tad silly to suppose that a woman whose privacy is already so clearly compromised wouldn't consider the implications too of parking a U-Haul in front of her home amid a relationship crisis. "Someone hired the U-Haul and stunted the photograph," an alleged source supposedly told the publication.


It was the U.K.'s The People who ran alleged "on-the-record" confirmation Monday from Sanders' brother-in-law that Stewart and Sanders' affair was no "momentary indiscretion" as Stewart had claimed, but rather a months-long affair. Other sources claim that doesn't sound at all like Ross' sibling's most recent modus operandi.

"He was guarded [when asked] about his sister," on source reportedly said. "I know other papers had been calling him at his place . . . he just slammed the phone down."


Despite's claims, reports of Theron and Stewart's friendship's demise have been greatly exaggerated, Us claims.

However, the quotes do sound like they were more in context prior to July 24. Still true after the past week? Only Theron and Stewart may know with absolute certainty.

"They're serious cooks and like to compare notes," one "insider" said of the bond forged between the two while making "Snow White and the Huntsman." Theron added during April's CinemaCon panel stumping for the film, "I really, really love that girl. I love that girl, like, I would jump off a building for that girl. She's amazing, she's amazing. She's the real deal . . . [and] she gives really good back-rubs."


Last but not least, there are the tales of how Stewart's better half has been licking his wounds.

HollywoodLife claimed Tuesday that Pattinson has returned to his hometown of London and is living it up with pals. Not so, claims Us. The photo that ran with their story is an out-of-context snap from 2011. What's more, Us claims their source reports that "He doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know if he should forgive her or not."