Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2012: TV Fan Edition

Valentines TV Gift Guide

Looking for what to get your TV-obsessed sweetie this Valentine's Day? Well look no further! While the big day is approaching, there's still time to get your favorite couch potato something that says "I love you AND your favorite show".

Below are just a few suggestion for show-themed Valentine's Day gifts. Flowers and chocolate sold separately.

1. "The Office" Jim and Pam Heart Mug Set

Looking for a gift that says "I love you" for your favorite "Office" dweller? Well than look no further than these romantic Jim and Pam heart mugs. Just like the two lovebirds from "The Office" these mugs fit perfectly together. Now you and your sweetie can drink your coffee together while plotting the perfect way to annoy an irritating coworker. Dwights of the world, watch out!

Where to Buy:  Find office love at the NBC Store

Price: $24

2. Kenny Powers Myrtle Beach Mermen Jersey

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day better than spending some time with romantic hero Kenny Powers from HBO's outrageous comedy "Eastbound and Down". What is it that makes Powers so irresistible? Perhaps it's his devil-may-care attitude or egotistical delusion. Most probably it's his rocking haircut. You just don't see mullets like that anymore. Help your sweetie prepare for the third season of "Eastbound and Down", premiering February 19th by getting this Myrtle Beach Mermen jersey. Support Kenny Powers new minor league team and show some Mermen pride!

Where to Buy: Where else but

Price: $24.55

3. "The Big Bang Theory" Singing Soft Kitty Plush

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, pur, pur, pur." So goes the song that Sheldon forces Penny to sing to him every time he gets sick on CBS hit comedy "The Big Bang Theory". Now your valentine can have their own singing soft kitty for whenever they need a little pick me up. Press on "The Big Bang Theory" logo on soft kitty's paw and the song will play. How cute!

Where to Buy: The CBS Store

Price: $35

4. "Glee" First Season DVD and Music

What do you get for the ultimate Gleek? Well what about all the episodes AND the music from the show's stellar first season? I think most fans would agree that season one was when "Glee" was at it's hilarious, musical and heartfelt best. While the subsequent seasons have included some gems, the best moments where the first ones. So tell your favorite gleek this Valentine's Day that you "Won't Stop Believing" by getting them this DVD and five CD collection.

Where to Buy: The FOX Store

Price: $91.99

5. "Parks and Recreation" Li'l Sebastian Plush

Ok, I know I already put one adorable stuffed animal on the list. But can you really blame me for adding "Parks and Recreation" superstar Li'l Sebastian to the list? This little horse with a big heart became a breakout star in the show's second season. Adam Scott's Ben Wyatt might not be able to see the appeal of this adorable tiny horse but there's few people who love Li'l Sebastian more than Leslie Knope. (Maybe only Ron Swanson is a bigger fan.) When Li'l Sebastian left the citizens of Pawnee for the great barn in the sky, few took it harder than Leslie. So when Ben and Leslie went through a hard time this season on NBC's sweetest comedy, Ben bought Leslie this one-of-a-kind little horse. And now you too can buy it for the person you love most.

Where to Buy: The NBC Store

Price: $19

Got some more TV-themed Valentine's Day gift ideas? Share them in the comments!

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