'Vampire Diaries' Director to Work with Angels

'Vampire Diaries' Director to Work with Angels The television re-boot of "Charlie’s Angels" is one step closer to remaking history, as ABC announces Marcos Siega will be directing the pilot.

Angels and Vampires will come together – sort of – when the director who helped "Vampire Diaries" launch with a stellar first episode, takes the helm of "Charlie’s Angels."

Siega has earned his cult-hit stripes while directing other fanatic-worthy shows, such as "Dexter," "Cold Case," "Veronica Mars," and "True Blood."

The directing announcement was confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, yet is unclear whether or not Siega will direct beyond the pilot episode. Additionally, the casting of the angels have been finalized. Mika Kelly (from "500," "Days of Summer" and "The Roommate") will play Marisa, Annie Ilonzeh plays Kate, and Rachael Taylor (from "Transformers") will play Abby.

The original series about three women playing private investigators was one of the most popular shows during the 1970’s and was one of the first television series to place women in roles traditionally seen by men.

In the show, after graduating from police academy, the women are unhappy with their new (and unchallenging) assignments for things they find mundane, like switch board duty and directing traffic.

Taking their careers into their own hands, the women go rogue and opt to work as private investigators for the mysterious Charlie, as private investigators.

In 1980, ABC launched a (gender reversal) spin-off of "Charlie’s Angels" called "Toni’s Boys." The show aired as a pilot, but was never picked up.

Going back to basics, the upcoming remake will begin production in February with a one noted twist, the setting has been changed from Los Angeles to Miami.