VIDEO - A Geek Gets Gangsta On Batman

S**t gets real when geeks get gangsta. lets Gotham City's Dark Knight have it with a healthy dose of gangsta-rap disillusion with authority. Simply enough, as the title puts it: "F#@k Batman: Why Gotham Would Hate The Caped Crusader." And as with many occasions when one really breaks down a fandom like a fraction ... you ultimately realize, "Y'know, the little miscreant has some good points."

The mock-up animated music video lets Bruce Wayne's moonlighting gig have it from many angles. For one thing, Batman isn't exactly keeping "banker's hours" that are convenient to his every clientele's need. Superman at least springs into action on-demand. If the sun's shining, then the Bat Cave might as well have a polite voicemail asking to call back during regular business hours.

Batman is Bank of America. Superman is U.S. Bank. That's one strike.

There's also definitely something needing to be said about Bruce Wayne's *ahem* "way with kids." His young wards, from Dick Grayson right up to Jason Todd and Tim Drake, inevitably end up squarely in harm's way - right down, as the rap cleverly points out, to Todd taking the ultimate "one for the team" courtesy of the Joker.

Oh, and does anybody really think any dutiful judge wouldn't throw out a confession based on his "questionable" at best interrogation methods of hanging thugs upside-down and threatening to cut the rope? Not another word about Dick Cheney, folks...

A little too thought-out? Maybe. But after this weekend, some humor needs re-injecting back into the mystique of the Caped Crusader. the laughs we deserve, AND the laughs we need.