VIDEO: 'The King's Speech' Director Tom Hooper Brings His Oscar-Worthy Talent To...A Captain Morgan's Commercial?

Tom Hooper quickly became one of the most internationally-respected directors in the world when he won the Oscar and a number of other awards for directing "The King's Speech." The world, as they say, is Tom Hooper's oyster. So what was Hooper's first move after his work with "The King's Speech" was over?

Why, directing a Captain Morgan's rum commercial of course!

The new Captain Morgan's campaign kicks off with an 80-second spot directed by Hooper, in which the famous captain halts a deadly battle in an unorthodox manner. Though Captin Morgan's is known for using humor in their commercials, this is a very different tone from their other more comtemporary spots.

This isn't the first time a big-time movie director has taken a commercial job. Ridley Scott did a now-famous Apple commercial back in 1984 (which takes on a whole new meaning now that everyone has an iPod, iPhone or iPad).

Check out the commercial below to see what happens when an Oscar-winning director peddles rum.