VIDEO: Man Gives Shoes Off His Feet in 'Secret Millionaire'

VIDEO: Man Gives Shoes Off His Feet in 'Secret Millionaire' To walk a mile in someone’s shoes is an expression that relates to learning what another person experiences. For one week an undercover millionaire does just that on ABC's “Secret Millionaire.”

Last week’s millionaire, John Ferber lived in Los Angeles’s Skid Row for a week. Ferber, an Internet advertiser, spent time with a man Amin, an everyday Samaritan who uses his time to give to others around him.

While following Amin, Ferber had the opportunity to see the “shoe expression” go one step beyond. Amin gave the shoes off his own feet to a man walking by, whose own shoes were covered with excrement.

When Ferber revealed who he was to Amin, he gave him a check for $25,000 and assisted him by donating 200 sleeping bags for Amin and his boutique mission, Ariana, to give away.

Catch Amin’s good work in action, here as he gives the shoes off his feet to a man in need:

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