VIDEO - 'Portal' Gets Shredded In Under 15 Minutes

VIDEO - 'Portal' Gets Shredded In Under 15 Minutes I'm typically more a "smell the roses," take one's time and savor the game type who doesn't see the point in "speed runs" to beat a video game in rapid fashion. That being said, there's no way I could avoid being taken with YouTube user sourceruns wrecking "Portal" in less than the time it takes to prepare a Papa Murphy's pizza.

One must take the nature of VALVE's puzzler phenomenon into consideration to really appreciate the virtuosity at play here. The puzzles never change, so there's a certain advantage of memorization. The whole deceptively taxing objective is to use two gun-fired portals to navigate through a series of rooms by placing cubes onto pressure plates to open the door to the next area. Play through it enough times, and the player recalls the solution to each room quicker than Paul McCartney remembers the chords to "Hey Jude."

That notwithstanding, get a load of how swiftly each room is navigated. The description claims that there were no hacks or cheats used in making this video, and that looks believable. It makes it all the more impressive that if you try to blink an eyelash out of your eye, you could miss a good two rooms being cleared. Considering some of the physics and timing that have to be considered for some puzzles, it's a noteworthy feet.

So sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee (perhaps some cake, too...) and enjoy. Even GLaDOS is barely given a moment to get in a taunt edgewise on this savant.

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