VIDEO: Watch the 'American Idol' Judges Lure Teenagers From Their Homes

VIDEO: Watch the 'American Idol' Judges Lure Teenagers From Their Homes Perhaps no one is more excited to see "American Idol" return than Fox, who is seeing some success with "The X Factor" but not the level of viewership that "Idol" tends to produce. In fact, Fox is so thrilled that their top show is coming back soon that they released a teaser of the upcoming commercial for the upcoming season, the full version of which will air during the World Series on Sunday.

It's a teaser of a teaser. I thought that kind of stuff was reserved for "The Hunger Games."

Anyway, the 30-second first half of the 60-second spot features the three judges--Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler--and our intrepid host Ryan Seacrest as they walk down the street and beckon to musically inclined teenagers. It's all a bit Pied Piper, if you ask me. Aren't the parents of these kids going to be worried when they find out they're missing?

Aside from that, it's all very inspiring and uplifting, what with the song about spreading our wings and flying together playing in the background. It's all the same sort of lofty fluff that we've come to expect from this show that we're meant to think is about achieving your dreams, when it's more about advertising for Coke and Ford.

Check out the teaser for "American Idol" below:

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