VIDEO: Watch the Cast of 'Happy Endings' Crazy Audition Tapes

VIDEO: Watch the Cast of 'Happy Endings' Crazy Audition Tapes

It's hard to think of any other cast in ABC's newest word-of-mouth comedy "Happy Endings". But just like all projects, at one point the chemistry-filled cast had to audition for their roles. Now that their audition tapes have leaked, it's amazing any of them got cast at all!

Here are some facts we learned from the "Happy Endings" auditions:

- Casey Wilson, who plays Penny, really likes to take her shirt off.

- Elisha Cuthbert, who plays wedding ditcher Alex, was actually raised by chimpanzees and learns all her lines phonetically.

- Damon Waynes Jr, who plays Brad, originally auditioned for Dave because he's always wanted to play a white guy.

- Eliza Coupe, who plays uptight Jane, seems like she might have been auditioning for Lilth Fair instead of the bubbly friends-centered comedy.

- Zachary Knighton, who plays wedding ditchee Dave, things tridents are funny.

- Adam Pally, who plays gay slacker Max, did his best Joaquin Phoenix impersonation at the audition, showing up with a giant beard and being filmed the whole time. But don't worry; he and James Franco are planning on opening a pizza restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut as an art installation.

The auditions are so crazy they almost don't see real....which is because they aren't. The cast staged these hilarious auditions as part of a new video for hilarious website Needless to say, this video is amahzing!

Who had the best worst audition? Watch the video and tell us what you think:

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