Vivica A. Fox is Planning On Babies Now at Age 46

Vivica A. Fox is Planning On Babies Now at Age 46 Vivica A Fox shared a lot with the viewers of Wendy Williams’ show last week. Vivica gushed over her boyfriend – who is only 26 years old – and said in front of everyone she planned on marrying him. Gee, I wonder if he knew that? And does that mean he doesn’t have to buy an engagement ring, since it seems she is pulling all of the shots?

Yes, Vivica is 46 years old now. If you are counting, she was 20 years old when this child, I mean man, was born.

But back to her news.

When Wendy asked about their future, Vivica spilled way too much information on her cycles and her beliefs on children. She said she didn’t think it was too late because she is a very fertile woman. Gross. From celebitchy:

Vivica: My career has been my baby for such a long time and I’ve done well by that. I waited for God to send me a good man, and he’s a good Southern man.

Wendy: I still get full periods, do you still get full periods?

Vivica: Yeah, you’ve got to worry about that.

Wendy: At 46 years old…

Vivica: You’ve got to do a lot of testing.

Wendy: Would you get a surrogate or would you adopt?

Vivica: I don’t have a problem with adopting. I don’t know about a surrogate. I don’t know if I could do that. I’m too much of a control freak… I’m very fertile, so I don’t think that I would have a problem.

Africa? Eggs? I don’t know what to think about her interview. Do you like to hear that much information?

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