'The Voice': Did Javier Colon Win Thanks to Justin Bieber?

'The Voice': Did Javier Colon Win Thanks to Justin Bieber? Heading into the final results show of "The Voice" Wednesday night, it seemed like Dia Frampton might pull the upset over Javier Colon. Colon was a hit from the very beginning, as his audition had all four coaches fighting over him.

But as the season went on, more and more fans were drawn to Frampton's unique voice and style. As of Wednesday evening, Frampton had the #1 single on iTunes, while Colon was at #2...an important distinction as "The Voice" counts those iTunes downloads as votes.

But Colon had a trick up his sleeve: the support of Justin Bieber. The thing was, Colon didn't even know he had it.

On Tuesday, Bieber put an update on his Facebook page singing the praises of Colon and telling his fans to support him. Colon and Bieber have never met, but Bieber must have been impressed by Colon's singing on the show. Biebz also noted that Colon was a friend of a friend, as the two both know musician Ernie Halter, whom Bieber joined on stage during a Los Angeles concert last month. Bieber also knows Javier's coach on the show, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

So with Frampton in the lead on iTunes, was it the Bieber bump that put Colon on top? Very possibly: just before he announced the winner on the finale episode, Carson Daly noted that the winner of "The Voice" was decided by a very slim 2% margin. In a presidential race, that might be enough for a recount.

Colon, for his part, is grateful for the help that Bieber's fans most likely brought him. "I know a lot of people see his tweets," said Colon. "Did they translate into actual people watching the show and voting? I would imagine so."


Colon spoke with the Wall Street Journal yesterday, and told them how he got connected with Bieber:

"I do not know him. I know that he and Adam [Levine]had played some basketball at some point on the road so I think Adam knows Justin’s manager as well. I’ve got a good friend, Ernie Halter, a singer-songwriter, who found out that Justin was one of his fans because Justin and Selena Gomez went to one of his shows in LA. Ernie tweeted at Justin to support me. I think Justin got a chance to see some of my videos on YouTube and he gave me the endorsement, which was really awesome."

Perhaps even more interesting, when the WSJ asked Colon if he could see himself working with Bieber, Colon said, "Hey, absolutely. He’s a talented dude. I sent him a tweet thanking him for the love."

Given the swarm of publicity around Colon, and the fact that Bieber just launched his own frgrance line, we smell a potential collaboration here. Smell? Get it? Smell? Colon? Cologne? Oh, never mind.

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