'The Voice' Season 2, Episode 13 Who from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo Went Home? Recap

'The Voice' Season 2, Episode 13 Recap: Who from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo Went Home? What's worse than a performance from Jessie J? A completely underrehearsed performance from Jessie J, backed by Team Christina. That's one "special treat" we got on "The Voice," which should probably just let its guest performers perform by themselves.

When it came time for the results for Team Adam, Mathai was the first one named safe, followed by Tony Lucca. No surprises there. The rest of Team Adam was a bit of a mess during the performances, so when Pip was named the third to be safe, he was clearly very relieved. Karla and Kim both had rough performances, and while Katrina wasn't bad, she did go first and didn't do anything particularly memorable.

The first results for Team Cee Lo had favorites Jamar and Juliet safe, followed by James Massone (all J's, huh). Jamar and Juliet were no-brainers, and while James wasn't particularly strong, he seems to have a fan base. Cheesa has a lot to overcome in terms of support because she eliminated Angie (and many thought she shouldn't have), and it's tough to imagine anyone being a fan of Erin. Tony Vincent, meanwhile, has had a constant air of superiority through all this that may have alienated voters.

That left Kim, Karla and Katrina (huh) to sing for a save for Team Adam. Kim was up first to sing "Spotlight," which she did in her usual belting way. She thins out on those high notes, though. Karla followed her up with "I Can't Make You Love Me," which she sang quietly, as per usual. It was less noticeable tonight, since it was a ballad, but this was the time to bring Bertha out, if there ever was. Katrina went third, singing "Don't Speak" by No Doubt, once again underwhelmingly.

The other three mentors all sided with Katrina, and Adam made things quick by flatly choosing Katrina to stay, which was probably the right choice. Karla made a nice exit, though, thanking all the crew members, the band and the makeup people on the show.

Saved: Katrina Parker
Eliminated: Karla Davis, Kim Yarbrough

First up for Team Cee Lo was Tony Vincent, who sang "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," a much better song choice for him than last night's "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Cheesa went the ballad route and chose "All By Myself," which she sang with good power, though her vocal choices weren't the best. Erin warbled her way through "Your Song," pitch problems and all.

Adam, Blake and Christina all sided with Cheesa, making the choice a little easier for Cee Lo: "my mind says Tony, but my heart says Cheesa," he said.

Saved: Cheesa
Eliminated: Tony Vincent, Erin Martin

So now, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo look like this:

Team Adam: Katrina, Mathai, Pip, Tony Lucca

Team Cee Lo: Cheesa, Jamar, Juliet, James