'The Voice' Season 2, Episode 21 Recap - And the Season 2 Winner Is...

The Voice Winnder It's finale night, and at some point the season 2 winner will finally be announced. But before that, two hours of performances, clip packages, and even blooper reels! Couldn't we have just done a one-hour episode? No? Okay then, settle in everyone. If you have to use the bathroom, do it now.

Fashion rundown: Adam is wearing all black with a button-up shirt, on which he has decided to leave top button unbuttoned for once; Cee Lo has made a red t-shirt with the names of all his contestants on it; Christina is wearing all black, as this is a fancy occasion, but also her coat is covered in sequins, because it's Christina; Blake has opted for a tux coat, no vest. No vest?! Blake, it's the finale!

Jermaine brings James Massone, Pip, and Jamar Rogers with him on stage to perform "I Want You Back." They have entirely too much swag between the four of them, but that might just be James. Actually, James sounds surprisingly good on this song... maybe if he had done this instead of ballad after ballad, he might have lasted longer in the competition.

A blooper reel! Cee Lo eats Fritos loudly. Blake makes "that's what she said" jokes. All of them make funny noises. Christina seems annoying to work with. None of these things are surprising.

Flo-Rida hits the stage to perform a short medley of his songs, and he is joined by... Juliet Simms. Interesting. She doesn't seem totally uncomfortable up there, but she's pretty pitchy. She might still be sick, mind you.

The next group of past contestants is lead by Chris Mann, as he brings Katrina Parker and Lindsey Pavao out with him to sing "Bittersweet Symphony." The three of them are pretty well-suited to the song, but maybe not so much to each other. They do the entire thing, and it takes a very long time.

Another clip package highlights the "bromance" between Adam and Blake. They have to play something up here, don't they? Anyway, if you're into this running gag, it's an entertaining clip. "We like to dance together," says Adam, matter-of-factly.

Hall and Oates, of all people, are here to perform "Rich Girl." Seriously, Hall and Oates. They're backed up by Jermaine, Chris and Tony, who have their little backup singer trio line going. Pretty cute.

Another quartet, this time of all past contestants, bring us "Superstition." The group is Kim Yarbrough, Naia Kete, Cheesa and Sera Hill, and Naia is certainly the odd one out in that group of power vocalists. That gets us halfway through the two-hour finale. Anyone else just want to know who won, and go home?

And now... a "Parks and Recreation" crossover with "The Voice?" What. Is Happening. Here. The short has Ron using Cee Lo's chair to avoid talking to people. There are funny moments. Will people actually watch "Parks" now? I hope so.

Time for Juliet's team-up number, as she brings Erin Willet, Jamar and RaeLynn up to do the Joe Cocker version of "A Little Help From My Friend." Aw man, RaeLynn? I was so happy when we were rid of her. Sure enough, her short solo moments in the song make me cringe as much as she ever did. Erin and Juliet are great though. Jamar is extra great.

The next clip package introduces up to Purrfect, Cee Lo's cat. Blake, predictably, hates the cat. Adam doesn't like cats much either. Christina is just sarcastic about it all. Cee Lo talks to the cat a lot. I could watch that for two hours.

Lady Antebellum performs next, unaccompanied by any of the contestants. Apparently they're big enough to do that. Let's assume Justin Bieber will do the same.

Tony Lucca comes back up with his invited singer, who is Jordis Unga. Just the two of them. Did they run out of contestants, or does Tony just want a duet that badly? Anyway, the two of them do "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac, and the song actually suits Jordis a lot better than it suits Tony. He also forgets the words again, which he did last night with "Harder to Breathe." Understandable, considering how many songs these guys had to learn in the last week, but still. Gotta remember those lyrics, buddy.

So, then Keenan Thompson of "Saturday Night Live" does a little sketch as Cee Lo with Purrfect, judging a cat. I... what is going on here? That's followed up by some footage from a party hosted by Kia, as "The Voice" pulls its own "American Idol" style blatant product placement. Kia gives each of the four contestants are getting a brand new car. The irony of that being that in a week, they will not need a Kia. They will be able to afford something much nicer. Jermaine is really excited, and Juliet says "I don't have a car!" so I guess that's pretty nice. Tony is totally unimpressed.

Justin Bieber takes the stage, to much screaming, to perform his new single "Boyfriend." Is that rapping? Is he rapping? He's wearing some kind of Michael Jackson jacket. I'm confused and scared. Sure enough, he is not joined by any of the contestants. Just dancers, and the screams of the pre-teen girls in the audience.

FINALLY, the results. Jermaine, Juliet, Tony and Chris stand on stage, and Carson asks them vague questions, like "what would winning mean to you," to which Jermaine responds with tears. Juliet, surprisingly, is not crying. Yet.

Carson first reveals the contestant in fourth place, who is... Chris Mann. Not too surprising, considering he's an opera singer. Not a ton of wide appeal with that, and it's an accomplishment that he got this far. As it turns out, by the way, Christina is not wearing pants. She is wearing studded briefs and fishnets. I just... why.

Third place goes to Tony Lucca, which is a little more surprising, though not terribly. He didn't have his strongest night last night, and he only just squeaked by Katrina a week ago.

That leaves Juliet and Jermaine, who were separated by just four percentage points. NOW Juiet is crying. Carson reads off the winner... and it's Jermaine Paul! That is a surprise, as Juliet seemed a clear favorite, but he's deserving of the top spot after his performance of "I Believe I Can Fly" last night. Jermaine is in tears, and gives his thanks to everybody. "Nobody but Jesus," he says. Why not.

So, that means Blake has the winning contestant this year, after Dia placed a close second last year. It seems Blake might be the favorite next year, against all odds.

Jermaine sends us off, fittingly, with a reprise of "I Believe I Can Fly," with his wife holding him in her arms. Really sweet moment. Christina really should have worn pants.

Winner: Jermaine Paul

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