'The Voice' Season 2 Premiere Destroys Ratings Record, Rivals 'American Idol'

'The Voice' Season 2 Premiere Destroys Ratings Record, Rivals 'American Idol' Could this be the year that "The Voice" beats "American Idol?"

NBC's vocal competition show premiered last night (you can read a recap here) in the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot, giving it a big boost from all of those Super Bowl viewers who kept watching after the post-game show. How big a boost? How about 37.6 million viewers?

That's how many total viewers "The Voice" saw last night, and it also landed a sweet 16.3 rating in the demo. Those ratings were big enough to make it the most-watched non-sports show in the last six years, dating back to ABC's airing of a "Grey's Anatomy" episode after the 2006 Super Bowl.

So with "American Idol" slipping in the ratings and falling to 17.9 million in its final auditions episode last Thursday, could this be the year that "The Voice" takes the top spot in the vocal competition show... er, competition?

There are a couple of factors to keep in mind: one, "Idol" is entering into Hollywood Week, which is generally when things kick up a notch and people start paying more attention. Two, "The Voice" got that big Super Bowl bump, but that doesn't mean that everyone who was watching enjoyed it, or was even watching at all.

That being said, though, I had people at my Super Bowl viewing party who had never watched "The Voice" before who enjoyed it (against their expectations), so maybe the special time slot did its job. Are you a convert, or did one of your friends watch for the first time last night and fall in love with Christina and Adam's arguing?