'The Voice' Season 3, Episode 1 Video Recap - Blind Auditions, Part 1

'The Voice' Season 3, Episode 1 Video Recap - Blind Auditions, Part 1 Season three of "The Voice" kicked off with a two-hour premiere event, showing us an impressive array of talent. You might not have had a full four hours to set aside this week to watch all three episodes of the blind auditions, but never fear: we have you covered. Check out the contestants who showed up in the first round of blind auditions below, and check out more auditions in our video recaps of episode 2 and episode 3, as well as the second half of episode 1.

Bryan Keith

Team Adam

Bryan is the son of a Grammy-winning Latin musician, but he hasn't used his father's connections to get ahead (why not, man? Screw nobility!). He might not need them, either, as his performance of "It Will Rain" turned all four coaches and lead to a pretty intense debate between the four of them. Bryan's gravelly but light tone seems a perfect fit for Team Adam, where he ended up.

Daniel Rosa

Team Cee Lo

Daniel was the feel-good story of the night, as he made good on his second chance on "The Voice." He appeared last season, but failed to turn any of the judges. Some practice and an interesting cover of "Somebody That I Used To Know" was all he needed this time around, though, as he turned Cee Lo and Blake at the same time. All four mentors recognized Daniel the moment that they saw him, and Adam ran up to give him a big hug. With Daniel's obvious creativity in covers, he should be a good fit with Cee Lo.

Gracia Harrison

Team Blake

From the first notes of Gracia's audition, it was clear that she belonged on Team Blake. I mean come on, she's a yodeling country singer who performed "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart." Interestingly, Adam was the first to press his button, with Blake following shortly after. Cee Lo waited for the yodeling. There's no doubt that Gracia has great energy and some strong pipes to go with it.

Terry McDermott

Team Blake

The bemulleted Terry has some very impressive pipes with a clear tone, good range and great control and pitch. But it still took a while for his performance of "Baba O'Reilly" to turn the chairs of Cee Lo, Adam and Blake. Was it the song choice, or was it just that the coaches didn't hear that special something out of Terry? His voice might lack some character, but maybe Blake can improve that.

Check out more auditions in part 2 of our recap of the premiere!

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