'The Walking Dead': First Look at Season 3's Villain, The Governor

'The Walking Dead': First Look at Season 3's Villain, The Governor Ah, the long, long wait until October. It seems like only yesterday we were watching Michonne slice zombie necks, marveling at how annoying Lori could be, and wondering where the heck Carl was (hint: not in the house... never in the house).

Yes, we're going to have to wait a good long while until "The Walking Dead" is back for its third season, but that doesn't mean we can't obsess over every little bit of behind-the-scenes goodness that comes our way, does it?

A while back we got a video from the set, just a few days into the shoot, that had interviews with some of our main characters and a few hints about the upcoming season from both cast and crew. Included in that was a brief discussion of the prison where the gang is headed next, as well as new characters Michonne and the Governor.

Michonne we saw in the season two finale (sort of, it was dark and she was wearing a hood), but the Governor won't show up until the show returns this fall. But if you want to get an idea of what the Governor will look like, you can check out the two pictures below... one of the Governor in the comics, and the other of actor David Morrissey in costume, playing the role.

Morrissey looks at least a little less menacing for now, but that scowl says he means business.

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