'Walking Dead' Season 3 Adds 'Good Wife' Actor as New Character

'Walking Dead' Season 3 Adds 'Good Wife' Actor as New Character "The Walking Dead" season three has a new face, and it isn't one that was in the comic books.

"The Good Wife" actor Dallas Roberts will be joining the season three cast, and playing a brand-new character created by Robert Kirkman for the TV series, according to THR. This isn't the first time that has happened: Daryl wasn't originally in the books, but has become not only a starring character, but also a fan favorite. And rightfully so. He's awesome.

Roberts will be playing a man named Milton, described as a "smart guy" who serves as the right hand man to The Governor, one of the main villains of the third season. Milton will apparently be very interested in studying the walkers, even to the point of capturing some of them and experimenting on them. That could end up providing some new insight into the walkers that we don't get in the comics, or else presenting later information earlier on.

This isn't Roberts' first foray into AMC cable dramas, either: he was also a player on AMC's cryptic series "Rubicon," which sadly didn't last very long.

The fact that Kirkman keeps creating new characters and scenarios is great for fans of the comic books, who will continue to be surprised by the TV show and the new content that Kirkman is providing. Here's hoping Milton turns out to be as great an addition to the show as Daryl was!