Want to See January Jones, as Emma Frost, in Some Lingerie? Of Course You Do

The "X-Men: First Class" marketing machine has been one of the most ferocious I've ever seen, but they certainly understand the importance of standing out in a crowded summer filled with four superhero movies and a half-dozen other films aimed at the exact same market.

But just when you thought they've run out of stuff to release (some have suspected you could assemble a rough cut of the film with what we've seen), they unleash one of the old marketing standbys - the leading lady in lingerie.

The Hollywood Reporter got a first look at Jones in what they're terming is her bedroom get-up, but which hardly seems suited to sleeping. But I guess when you can turn into diamonds, the standards don't really apply anymore. They also posted photos of some of her other, pretty much equally-revealing, costumes.

I really dig what they've done with the costumes on this film, from everything I've seen. The first series of "X-Men" films made the compromise of outfitting their heroes in black leather, a necessary move when superhero films were still considered box office poison, so we've all been eager to see the heroes in their four-color glory. Throw in a dash of 1960s fashion and you have a very eye-catching wardrobe.

Next week, The Hollywood Reporter will have an interview with the film's costume designer, Samantha Sheldon, so if you, too, have liked what you've seen, be sure to check that out. The film will come out next Friday, June 3rd.

Oh, and here's that picture we promised. Wonder what Zach Galifianiakis thinks of that?