'Warehouse 13' Spin-Off Planned for SyFy with HG Wells as Protagonist

'Warehouse 13' Spin-Off Planned for SyFy with HG Wells as Protagonist You can't blame them for trying this one: SyFy, seeing the success of their addictive original series "Warehouse 13," is now developing a spin-off of the show (pause for nerds cheering).

The new show, currently untitled, would center on H.G. Wells as the main protagonist, as played by Jaime Murray ("Dexter"). For those who are fans of the show, you know what that means. For those who aren't fans, this isn't the H.G. Wells you know: it's her sister.

Helena Wells, in the "Warehouse 13" universe, is the sister of the famous sci-fi writer that we know. She gets recruited by Warehouse 12 in the 1890's and eventually invents a time machine of sorts before being bronzed and re-awakened in the present time.

Given the time-hopping nature of the character, there are obviously some options in terms of setting for showrunner Jack Kenny to choose from. As of now, the plan is to give the show an 1800's steampunk setting, which is not only a popular aesthetic right now, but one that should speak to the audience of this show in particular, considering the blend of sci-fi and history.

As for the plot, Wells would use her scientific knowledge gained from time travel to solve crimes in the past. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

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