Watch 5 Trailers for ABC's New Shows, Including Country Musical 'Nashville'

Watch 5 Trailers for ABC's New Shows, Including Country Musical 'Nashville' While FOX is staying the course and mostly sticking with what they have in terms of their schedule for next season, it looks as though ABC is going to shake things up quite a bit. The network has 10 new shows to FOX's five, ranging from country musicals to family comedies.

A number of the series feature some familiar TV faces, including "American Horror Story" star Connie Britton and "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere. The two actresses star in "Nashville," a music-themed soap opera that focuses on an aging country music star (Britton) and an up-and-comer (Panettiere).

Sitcom fans will recognize Sarah Chalke, as the former "Scrubs" star and "How I Met Your Mother" guest stars in the new comedy "How To Live With Your Parents." Chalke stars as a woman who moves back in with her parents (played by Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins) and deals with their lack of personal boundaries.

Reba McEntire is back with another comedy, this time with Lily Tomlin in tow. The two star as a mother and daughter who take their kids/grandkids from Nashville, Tennessee, to Malibu, California, in the aptly titled "Malibu Country." Hilarity likely ensues.

ABC also looks to be moving a bit more toward the supernatural/horror genre following their foray with "Once Upon a Time," with the one-two punch of "666 Park Avenue" and "The Neighbors." The former centers on a young couple tasked with managing a creepy New York apartment building, while the other centers on a family who finds out that their new neighborhood is full of aliens in disguise.

Check out trailers for those five shows below, and check out the rest over at THR.

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