Watch an Awesome Animated Version of the 'Breaking Bad' Credits

Watch an Awesome Animated Version of the 'Breaking Bad' Credits I admit it. I miss "Breaking Bad" terribly already and I need to watch every bit of new content about the show in order to make it through to next summer. Who knew a show about meth would be as addictive as meth?

Luckily, "Breaking Bad" fans tend to create some really cool stuff. The latest is a re-imagining of the opening credits for the show from French graphic designer Martin Woutisseth, done in a cool motion graphic style.

Of course, the actual opening credits for the show roll over the start of the episode, and all you get graphically is a short title card after the cold open. So this video is less a re-imagining and more just an imagining of what the opening credits would look like if they were a full-length thing.

The sketches of the characters are very cool, the locations and the moving backgrounds are terrific, and the RV makes some appearances for old times' sake. The song is pretty awesome too. The whole thing sort of looks like "Grand Theft Auto: Albuquerque," which is somehow very fitting.

Check out the video via Buzzfeed below:

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