Watch a Blooper Reel from 'The Artist'

The blooper reel is a time-honored tradition of the movies, but it usually consists of clips of actors forgetting their lines. So what does a blooper reel for a silent film look like?

Now we know: "The Artist" has released a blooper reel of outtakes from the film, and it's completely silent. In absence of forgetting lines, then, we mostly get a series of missed cues, erroneous dance steps, and some falling on set.

Adorably enough, a lot of those missed cues are from the film's furriest star, Uggie the dog. If you saw "The Artist" and marveled at exactly how well trained Uggie was, here you can see that he didn't get it right every time. Even better than Uggie missing his cues, though, are the reactions from Jean DuJardin, which are often in character (then again, it's sort of hard to tell when DuJardin is and isn't in character).

And for that extra level of meta, note that "The Artist" had a blooper reel of sorts in the actual movie, too. It's a blooper reel from a movie about a movie that had a blooper reel. What?

Check out the blooper reel from "The Artist" below: