Watch: Brad Pitt Comforts A Suicidal Actor At Live Event

Brad Pitt couldn't have expected what he faced this past Sunday at a live "Moneyball" screening and Q&A that he attended with co-star Jonah Hill. But as the footage below shows, Pitt proved that he may be among the stars who have held tightest to their senses of humanity.

Pitt and Hill were taking questions from the audience following the film about Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's use of statistical analysis to build a winning baseball team, when the microphone was approached by an unidentified struggling actor.

The man openly told Pitt, Hill and the audience that he'd recently been considering suicide.

As the clip below shows, Pitt was understandably caught off-guard. But finally, he found the words he was seeking, before talking about how several films had positively affected his life as a whole.

"Life is cyclical," he said. "When you're up, you're up, and when you're down, you're down. It is tough, man. It's tough. But it's cyclical."

Pitt was approached by numerous fans afterward, but reportedly instead found the man and talked to him as long as he could, in hopes that something might turn around the gentleman's mindset.

Folks, as you watch this clip, please remember something: no circumstance in life is ever so dire, that a single moment can't set in motion change that shifts it 180 degrees. It could take a movie. It could take a song. It could be simply a timely text message or call from just the person you needed at that moment.

It's known that this is the time of year when depression and suicide spikes. But it's a couple months out of 12. Like everything in life, this too shall pass. Don't let it change you.

Watch Brad Pitt explain how sometimes life's biggest down times can actually be part of the path to success and happiness: