Watch Casey Anthony Open Up In Debuting YouTube Vlog

Watch Casey Anthony Open Up In Debuting YouTube Vlog So, has anybody been wondering just what's become of Casey Anthony since her July manslaughter trial's stunning and controversial end?

OK, a rephrase: has anybody who doesn't have an agenda of vindictive violence against Anthony wonder that same thing?

Well, wonder not much longer. With apparently little in the way of either direction or even worldly belongings taking up space in her life, Anthony has instead taken up residence on this here internet. In a YouTube video she apparently taped last October but uploaded circa New Year's Day, Anthony sports a new blonde, bobbed hairstyle and waxes depressingly about her life since she was miraculously acquitted of manslaughter this past July.

It probably won't be surprising, but she comes across very, very lost - and not in the sense of not knowing what to say taking stock of her life, though she doesn't quite know how to address that, either. She just comes across as having no idea where she goes next. Many probably take owning a computer, camera or both quite for granted, but Anthony comes across as believing they're the only things keeping her heart pumping blood. It's like she's skeptical that signing off will actually drop her dead in her tracks.

And considering that porn giant Vivid Entertainment was once ready to feature her in her own video prior to overwhelming backlash against the studio, maybe that isn't really exaggerating her dependency on human contact all that much. Remember, Entertainment Weekly reported that acquitted or not, publishers are emphatically united against letting Anthony profit a single red cent from a tell-all. What did one publisher call the very idea of paying her? Oh, that's right . . . "blood money."

It's surreal, indeed - right down to the fact that she pretty adamantly wants to adopt a dog(!!!!!!!).

Have a gander at Anthony's musings, and answer two questions for us in the comment section: one, what's the take on her state of mind? And second, who in their right ever-loving, clearly-not-coo-coo-for-CoCo-Puffs mind would give Casey Anthony a puppy?!

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