Watch a 'Dark Knight Rises' Behind-the-Scenes Video

Now that "The Amazing Spider-Man" has hit theaters and made its mark on the box office, it's time to start gearing up for the release of "The Dark Knight Rises." It's coming up fast, too: less than two more weeks until we see the grand finale of Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy.

This behind-the-scenes video is perhaps the closest look we've had yet into the world of "The Dark Knight Rises," including a few brief profiles on the new characters and looks at some of Batman's new technology.

The video also reveals the magic behind two of the movie's most ambitious scenes: the bombing of the Gotham Rogues stadium (shot at the Pittsburgh Steelers' stadium and featuring the Steelers themselves, along with about 10,000 fans), and the big clash between the police and Bane's legion of mercenaries, shot on Wall Street. And yes, those are all real extras... no CGI fill-in there. Pretty cool, huh?

The video sets things up nicely without revealing any major spoilers, so give the video a look if you're one of the many Batman fans excited for the big premiere on July 20.