Watch 'Dexter' Re-Cut as a 90's Sitcom

Watch 'Dexter' Re-Cut as a 90's Sitcom Generally, people don't find murder very funny. Then again, people don't usually root for serial killers, so that makes "Dexter" a bit of an anomaly. So what if "Dexter" had gone all-out for the funny and ditched the drama aspects? What if "Dexter" had been a sitcom?

That's the question that this video asks and answers. The video is a re-cut of a clip from "Dexter" along with some footage of the characters to create a quintessentially 90's sitcom opening credit sequence. Cheesy smooth jazz saxophone? Check. Clips of characters doing something silly or sexy? Check. Cheap but colorful titles? Check.

The only thing that would make it any better would be if Bob Saget was in it. Then again, that can be said for most things.

Start watching for the credits sequence, stay for the recut conversation with Rita that has a laugh track behind it. It's pretty good.

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