Watch Ellen Pompeo Talk Katherine Heigl's Possible 'Grey's Anatomy' Return, More

Watch Ellen Pompeo Talk Katherine Heigl's Possible 'Grey's Anatomy' Return, More 'Twas a colorful visit that Ellen Pompeo made to E!'s "Chelsea Lately" last night.

The "Grey's Anatomy" beauty started off the small-talk with Chelsea Handler complaining about how boring some events can quickly become if enough black people don't show up (Writer's note: THEIR WORDS! NOT MINE!). Then after Pompeo fills in Handler that it's become a "thing" in Las Vegas that kids with upcoming Bar Mitzvahs make sure and invite lots of black kids, there's a natural transition into Pompeo talking about growing up as a Boston Catholic.

An apparently pretty rough Boston Catholic.

"Everybody I know's been to prison - including my husband!" she said, eventually adding that she's known him since he was 15 and that everything tabloids have pointed out about him is nothing new at all to her. "Who don't I know who's been to jail?"

Then eventually, here comes Heigl.

After five successful seasons on the ABC hit drama and a breakout performance alongside Seth Rogen in the Judd Apatow comedy "Knocked Up," Heigl did what many a performer eventually does: she left the show that made her a major name and tried conquering movies. This past January, Heigl actually admitted that she regretted leaving the show, setting off rumors that the prodigal child might return.

Pompeo's take? It's not encouraging. To hear more, including what it's like sharing a bed with Patrick Dempsey and why it's more profitable to be a bartender than a waitress in Miami (from her experience, anyway), check out the clip below.

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