Watch Every 'Breaking Bad' Blooper Reel

Watch Every 'Breaking Bad' Blooper Reel I said I would post a "Breaking Bad" supercut every day until the season 5 premiere on Sunday, and by golly, I'm sticking to it.

Today's installment is a bit lighter than Walt's badass moments or Walt yelling at Jesse. It seemed like maybe we needed a bit of levity... after all, "Breaking Bad" is a show that can deftly insert comedy into one of the darkest throughlines on TV, so why not show the funny side here too?

Below you will find all three blooper reels from the past seasons thus far, each with its own share of silliness. Aaron Paul seems to have a pattern of running into lines that he just can't spit out ("Do you really think this will work?" is a particularly tough one for him), while Anna Gunn is known to mess around with props.

As for Bryan Cranston himself, well... he'll do anything from dancing around naked in the shower to putting on baby clothes to get a laugh on set.

Check out the three blooper reels from "Breaking Bad" below: