Watch an Extended Preview for The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast'

Watch an Extended Preview for The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast' The way things are going, The CW might as well just change its name to The Supernatural Channel. What with "The Vampire Diaries" already running and the upcoming "Arrow," things are turning into a regular vampire/superhero fest.

And then there's "Beauty and the Beast," one of The CW's new shows for the next season. It's an update of the classic story, with a number of modern twists: for starters, our beauty is a homocide detective who witnessed her parents' murder when she was young (she and Batman would get along great), and was saved by a man-beast.

Our beast, this time around, is not quite so beastly. Instead, he's a handsome but brooding man who fits right into The CW's template for success: insert heartthrob, add supernatural storyline, watch profits roll in. Hey, it worked for "Vampire Diaries," right?

The thing that makes our beast a beast this time is that he becomes a little more hideous when he gets angry. So really, he's more of a Hulk type than a beast type. But hey, it's a modern reboot and they can do what they want.

The series also acts as a "Smallville" reunion of sorts, with Kristin Kreuk in the lead role, with showrunners and executive producers from the Superman show joining as well.

Check out the extended preview for The CW's "Beauty and the Beast" below:

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