Watch the First 2 Minutes of 'Dexter' Season 7, See Deb's Reaction

Watch the First 2 Minutes of 'Dexter' Season 7, See Deb's Reaction SPOILER ALERT! We have a clip of the first two minutes of "Dexter" season 7 right here, so if you don't want to see it yet (or you haven't finished season 6), avert your eyes!

Yes, the Comic-Con panel was kind to "Dexter" fans, as attendants were treated to a clip of the first couple of minutes of the seventh season. In the clip, we learn exactly what happens between Deb and Dexter in the church.

When we last left our sexually and morally confused adopted siblings, Deb had just witnessed Dexter putting a knife into Travis' chest. That pretty much does it for Dexter's big secret... or does it?

In the clip, Dexter thinks on his feet and decides to go with a half-lie: yes, he killed Travis, he explains to Deb, but he did it because he "just snapped," feeling so much rage over Rita's death and feeling like he had to kill Travis himself. That's probably a better tactic than to just go ahead and say "I'm the Bay Harbor Butcher," as that might be a bit much for poor Deb to handle.

Even if Dexter manages to lie his way out of this one, things will obviously never be the same between him and his sister. Will Deb help him cover up the killing? Will Deb continue to turn a blind eye, or will she start watching Dexter more closely? We'll have to find out when "Dexter" season 7 premieres on September 30.

Check out the clip from "Dexter" season 7, episode 1 below:

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