Watch the First Episodes of 'The Newsroom,' 'Episodes' and 'Weeds' Online, for Free

Watch the First Episodes of 'The Newsroom,' 'Episodes' and 'Weeds' Online, for Free On Sunday night, HBO's new Aaron Sorkin series "The Newsroom" premiered to a solid 2.1 million viewers, making it the pay channel's best drama debut since 2008. It went so well, in fact, that HBO is ready to share the premiere episode with everyone, whether they subscribe to HBO or not.

Yes, the premiere episode of "The Newsroom" is available to watch for free on YouTube or on The show stars Jeff Daniels as a newscaster on a CNN-esque network who shakes up the norm with his off-air comments.

This move isn't unprecedented, as Showtime took a similar tactic with "Homeland" last year, airing the first episode on YouTube even before the premiere.

Speaking of Showtime, they're doing their own free online viewing as well: the first Episodes of the new seasons of "Episodes" and "Weeds" are online as well. If you go to Showtime's Facebook page, you can watch the premiere of "Episodes" right away. Once you watch the full "Episodes" premiere, you will then unlock the premiere of "Weeds." Looks like somebody is trying to get us to watch "Episodes," huh?

So if you're a non-subscriber looking for some pay-cable content, there you go. Enjoy!

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